Thursday, March 09, 2006

Chapter 4.2 - Emigrating to Ireland and continuing making music

Just a few days before the concert in July 2000 I had been performing at a Vernisage, an exhibition where a friend of mine portrait his pictures and I had also played at a huge festival along the river “Main”.

It was my pal Larry Medlock, an Afro - American painter, I met some years ago in a hospital where we both received further training to better our diabetes self treatment, who talked to me about a Vernissage in a hair salon. I am glad to have done this gig as he died in Fall 2002 on diabetes related difficulties.

During the course of preparing the Vernissage I spoke and met the head of the hair salon, Dieter Hau, and he asked me to perform for the German AIDS help on a big festivity that is being held annually.

He and his team were styling people for much less then usual and all incoming money would be transferred to the mentioned organisation.

I was delighted to hear that I could be of any use and it was a good opportunity to show myself as a huge number of people would attend to Offenbach´s biggest outdoor festivity.
I played three times this day always the same set of songs on a 12 hour day!

At the end of the day they all could sing along and they were grateful for the times in between my gigs to give them a moments peace.

Yes, it has been a lot of fun.

Only 4 weeks later I was on my way to Dublin, where I started working for the worlds leading carrier in a call centre.


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